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Choral Connectivity: A People-First Approach to Singing

In November, Kirsten Oberoi invited me to join her podcast! You can hear the episode, The Sound Can't Be at the Sacrifice of the Process, through the link below!

Kirsten describes her podcast as dedicated to discussing ways to create ensembles that prioritize people and their connection as singers to the music, and the belief that through that connection (and only through that connection), outstanding and beautiful music can occur.

And here's her description of our episode!

"In this episode, I speak with choral colleague Brad Dumont, who has choral experience at almost every level. In a single week, Brad works with a church choir, a community choir, a collegiate choir, and a children's choir. In all of the aspects of his work, Brad evaluates his choices to ensure a people-first approach in everything he does. As a result, Brad's choirs perform in unique ways, his singers explore non-traditional aspects of the choral realm, and the community surrounding him is accepting and inclusive."

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